3D Cone Beam Technology in Pleasant Hill, CA

We are proud to have been the first office in Contra Costa County to adopt the use of onsite Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) several years ago. This amazing new technology aids in the treatment of complex endodontic cases and provides the precision needed to save teeth that previously would have been lost.

Technology Photo

By obtaining these immediate and accurate 3-D images of teeth, we can:

  • Identify root system anomalies
  • Gather more information of hidden tooth related disease that would otherwise go undetected and untreated
  • Determine presence of other non-dental issues
  • Accurately treat and diagnose traumatic injuries to the teeth and bone
  • Determine the presence and extent of internal/external root resorptions
  • Assess potential treatment complications
  • Plan accurately for surgical treatment

Our high definition, small volume machines generate excellent images. The amount of energy required to produce such an image is never zero, but with recent advancements in image intensifying software, the exposure is minimal, roughly equivalent to 1 to 6 intraoral digital images.

We will always assess the individual needs of a patient before using this technology, as often much treatment can be completed with traditional digital x-rays. No one in our area has more experience in how and when to use this amazing imaging technology in the field of endodontics.