Dental Trauma Treatment in Pleasant Hill, CA

Dentist speaking with patient

Tittle Endodontics provide dental trauma treatment in Pleasant Hill, CA. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 925-676-3388.

Traumatic injuries can result in the need for dental treatment. Fractured teeth, displaced teeth, or even a tooth that has been knocked out (avulsed) are common results of dental trauma. Each of these conditions requires specific treatment, dictated by the effect of the injury on the tooth, whether or not the tooth is deciduous (a baby tooth) or permanent (adult), and the time between the injury and treatment. Dr. Tittle is an expert at managing the complexities of these injuries.

Treatment may involve many different dental specialists. Traumatized teeth will be continually monitored to ensure proper healing. Dr. Tittle has lectured on traumatic injuries at numerous dental conferences and dental society meetings. To help you be prepared to take the appropriate action in the event of a traumatic injury to the teeth, you can purchase this application on your iOS® device. It guides a layperson through an initial assessment of the injury and appropriate first aid.

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