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What to Expect at Your Appointment

Our office makes every attempt to complete your treatment in one visit. Dr. Tittle will review your health history and perform a thorough clinical exam using a variety of diagnostic tools and techniques to determine how to proceed with your treatment. Take all your normal medications, but please do not take pain medication 4 to 6 hours before your visit as it can affect the results of your diagnostic tests. Your dentist may provide you with one or more radiographs that you should bring to your appointment. Although these radiographs are helpful in diagnosing your treatment, one or more digital radiographs will be taken at our office to provide a precise view of the tooth. Our practice is outfitted exclusively with digital radiography equipment. These images are also used during treatment. Rest assured that any radiographs taken at our office are critical to your treatment. After it is determined what your specific needs are, Dr. Tittle will discuss your treatment options with you.

Dr. Tittle is an expert at making your tooth numb and assuring your comfort during the procedure. Our doctor uses surgical operating microscopes during all treatments at our office which allow treatment with the highest precision and attention to every detail of your tooth. We may also use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) to obtain a high resolution 3-D image of your tooth. Our team will do everything possible to assure your comfort and treatment is excellent and efficient. Most root canal treatments at our office are completed in a single visit. After treatment, you will be instructed in post-treatment care and the next steps in your dental care. By the time you leave our office you will have seen that modern endodontic care is efficient and painless, and the next time someone mentions how awful a root canal is, you will say to them “not mine!”

Scheduling Appointments

When you call to schedule an appointment, one of our highly trained and compassionate staff members will take the time to discuss your symptoms, help to schedule an appointment, and discuss your insurance benefits. This conversation will help identify the correct appointment type (treatment or evaluation), as well as determine the urgency of the appointment. We always allow time in each day to treat patients who are in pain. It is also important that we estimate for you the financial obligation so that an informed decision and consent can be given for treatment. Our goal and motivation is to be sure that you are treated in the most respectful and appropriate way. We pride ourselves on blending cutting edge technology with a calm and helpful approach to provide exceptional endodontic treatment.

Patient Registration

We offer several ways for you to register and complete your medical history, such as web registration or using our waiting room iPad®. We are constantly evolving this process to make the best use of our talented staff and the latest technology to produce an efficient and compassionate environment.

If you would like to complete your registration online, please contact our office to obtain a USER ID and PASSWORD.

Once you have received a USER ID and PASSWORD, please click on the link below and complete your registration.

Online Patient Registration Forms

Insurance Information

We happily accept most insurance plans and will gladly process your claim. Please bring your insurance card with you to your first visit.

Insurance policies typically cover only a portion of the total treatment cost. We will help estimate the amount that your insurance will pay and the percentage for which you will be responsible. We are quite knowledgeable in estimating what your insurance company will pay, but policies of the various insurance companies are can be unpredictable despite our best efforts to obtain accurate information. Rest assured that we will do everything to maximize the amount your insurance will pay for you. Unless other financial arrangements have been made, we ask that you pay your estimated portion at the time of treatment. Any balance not paid by your insurance company will be your responsibility.

Financial Information

For your convenience, we accept payments made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

We also offer CareCredit® as an additional payment option for our patients. CareCredit® is available to help you pay for dental procedures your insurance doesn’t cover. Click here for more information or to apply for financing.

CareCredit® Application